Tax Information

Solace Orphanage is a 501(c)(3) organization filed under the Roseville Church of Christ in Roseville, MN. Donations made to Solace Orphanage are tax deductible and go to directly to the orphanage. Receipts are automatically provided with online donations and are available upon request with in-person donations. For more information, please reach out using the “contact us” tab.

About Us

The vision for an orphanage in the Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria was formed in September 2015. In December 2020, the support of Church of Christ in Roseville, Minnesota brought that vision to life. Our goal was to provide care for orphans, vulnerable and less-priveledged children. Bolstered, our activities have grown to include feeding, clothing, educational assistance, and ministry.

Richard Inyang

Pastor Richard is the Founder and a visiting trustee of Solace. He currently serves as a minister with the Roseville Church of Christ in Minnesota and is also a missionary to Africa.


Stacy Sikes

Brother Stacy is an international coordinator with Solace and is also a minister of the gospel with the Hibbing Church of Christ in Minnesota.

Eric Thor

Brother Eric serves as Solace’s project director and trustee chairman. A retired engineer by profession, he currently is one of the leaders in the Roseville Church of Christ in Minnesota.

David May

Brother David is an international coordinator by profession and was formerly a social worker manager with Ramsey County, state of Minnesota. He is an author and one of the leaders of the Roseville Church of Christ in Minnesota.

Joe Nichols

Brother Joe is from Tennessee…